New England Based Photographer

I'm a husband and father of two boys, I know all too well how a fast paced, busy life can seem to go by in the blink of an eye and before you know it those precious moments are all but a memory.

I found my love for the outdoors my freshman year of college when I found myself surrounded by 1000's of acres of undisturbed nature. I would spend hours hiking the local trails, crossing mountains and just enjoying the views and fresh air.

Photography gives me a way to take the world how I see it and share it with everyone else. I try to convey a sense of purity with my images. I believe the world is a fragile place and by depicting a pristine landscape it will promote a responsibly to that environment, so others feel compelled to protect the places we all love and find solitude in. 

Whether it’s standing alone on the summit of a mountain or waking up before dawn to photograph the sunrise from some remote location, I feel at home in nature. I try to capture the natural world as it is, undisturbed, pure, and full of beauty. I hope that you can see that in my images.

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